How to handle driving in severe weather

RAPID CITY, S.D. — While winter weather has come and gone, spring is in full swing and summer is on the horizon.

Bringing forth severe weather, typical of South Dakota at this time of year.

If you’ve ever driven on the interstate during a thunder or hailstorm, you may notice a bunch of cars pulling over and stopping.

But South Dakota Highway Patrol doesn’t recommend doing that.

Sgt. Derek Schroding, of the South Dakota Highway Patrol, said “I wouldn’t recommend pulling over on the shoulder of the road, especially if it is the interstate, I-90. That’s a very dangerous spot to be. The visibility is low due to heavy rains in a big storm rolling through the hills.”

So what should you do?

“I would recommend putting your hazards on, if you have to slow down — don’t brake suddenly. Take your foot off the gas” said Sgt. Schroding.

And whether you’re driving through rain, hail, or heavy wind it’s important to be vigilant and intention with your actions.

“Avoid using cruise control, leave a safe distance between yourself and the vehicle that’s traveling in front of you and just maintain an appropriate speed.”

Lastly, look at our weather app before you travel, if severe weather is on its way, and you’re not in an emergency, your best bet is to stay home.

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