How the RCFD trains without using fire

On Thursday, October 20, the Rapid City Fire Department conducted training with a simulated fire.

RAPID CITY, S.D. – When it’s your job to go into dangerous situations, it can be difficult to get the necessary training safely.

Training importance

No matter the job, training is always important. When it’s your job to protect lives and structures, the training is even more important.

For the RCFD, the question is, how can you conduct training safely?

The answer: simulated fire.

“It’s important for us to be able to train, you know, within a realistic scenario where there is no fire.”, said RCFD Captain, Guy Bennett.

Simulated fire allows the fire department to practice all of the important steps for getting a fire under control.

Perhaps more important, is the ability to practice communication.

“Communication is a very big deal on the fire ground. So actually getting reps in communicating in real time is very important,” said Bennett.

The simulation

Fire departments all around the country utilize donated buildings to conduct their training in.

Using a smoke machine, the structure is filled with smoke to recreate the visibility conditions that the fire fighters would face in a real fire.

Flashing red lights are used to simulate the location of the fire.

A life-sized dummy is also hidden within the structure in locations where people have been found in previous fires.

All of these tactics allow for the most realistic scenario possible, without there being any actual danger.

RCFD is also working on a new training facility that will give them a place to train without having to rely on donated structures.

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