How the Cornerstone Rescue Mission is dealing with the Coronavirus

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Cornerstone Rescue Mission is aware of how serious the (COVID-19) virus is, and has been taking extra steps to ensure the safety of the public.

Cornerstone does not want anyone to panic, however they also want people to be diligent in their hand washing because it is a serious issue.

They are constantly deep cleaning and making sure the public is washing heir hands and drinking plenty of water.

Everyone who appears to be ill that visits the Cornerstone Rescue Mission will have their temperature taken to try and prevent further spreading of the virus.

“People that are coming in either through the public soup kitchen, or intake, or if we have a guest that look they are not feeling well,” Lysa Allison, the Executive Director of Cornerstone Rescue Mission said. “People can cough and sneeze and have allergies but if they have a fever that seems to kind of be the defining moment of this.  We do have a forehead scanning thermometer so it is not invasive and so if we see people who look like they are not feeling well, we will take their temperature and if they do have one, we will send them up for medical care.”

And the Cornerstone Rescue Mission will remain open for the foreseeable future to provide aide to the public during the outbreak.


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