How much money did the Mount Rushmore fireworks celebration bring to the state?

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Mount Rushmore fireworks and presidential visit are paying big dividends for the South Dakota economy and the state is definitely making back what it spent and more.

The department of tourism says, using conservative estimates, the state got about 22 million dollars worth of tourism advertising from the event based on the global media coverage.

Again, officials say the estimate is probably low because the event had high television ratings.

Also, to date, the tourism department estimates visitors spent about two million dollars during their stay, which translates to 160 thousand dollars in immediate tax revenues for both state and local governments.

Web traffic to pages about South Dakota pages skyrocketed.

Google searches for “Mount Rushmore” reached an all-time high, 1,250% higher than the previous record, which was over July Fourth in 2005.

And the tourism department’s web traffic increased by 872% over the holiday weekend, compared to last year.

That’s the equivalent of 95 thousand dollars worth of paid promotion.

Meanwhile, after all expenses have been added up, security, transportation, pyrotechnics, etcetera, the state figures it spent 1.5 million dollars on the July third event.

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