How did Rapid City take advantage of the spring-like weather? Check it out here!


Dogs At Braeburn Park Heading Back To Their Owners CarsRAPID CITY, S.D.– The second weekend of January turned out to be almost spring-like in weather for residents in the Rapid City area, with people getting outside to places such as Founder’s Park and Braeburn Dog Park to have some fun.

Planning ahead

“Soon as I see the forecast, I plan ahead for an outdoor experience of one kind or another. Either a walk or a bicycle ride, ” South Dakota Mines Professor Don Teets said. He and his son were out walking today, joined by their dog, Fizzy. Teets and his family were out walking along the M-Hill Trail at Founder’s Park.

Temperatures during the weekend rose to the low 60’s, making for a surprisingly warmer time for many.

“In this place where the weather is so changeable, you have got to jump out when you have a minute and go,” Rapid City Resident Lori McGuire said. She and her husband Mike were taking a walk through the Founder’s Park area along Rapid Creek, a place they both enjoy walking through. Lori admitted to being a more “fair-weather” walker than Mike, but both were happy to be out in the mild weather.

Spending time with some “paw-some” companions

As previously mentioned, it was not just humans out enjoying the moderate temperatures. Like Teets and his son, many people also had the idea to bring their dogs along while enjoying the weekend.

“It is taking advantage of the weather, definitely. Trying to try and catch the Rapid City area between blizzards,” Black Hawk resident Orchid Nester said. She was in town with her husband Shelby to pick up some things in town, but also squeezed in some time to take their dog, Mojo for a walk. “Mojo got to sniff a few noses today, so he’s happy,” Shelby added.

Rapid City Resident Melodi brought her dog, Banjo along for a walk at Founder’s Park as well. Banjo is an older dog and is not able to make the trip to the top of M-Hill, she says, but they have just as much fun walking along the water. “We come out and walk all the way along Rapid Creek. It’s just such a beautiful walk,” she said as Banjo barked in agreement. “The last couple of days he’s been able to hop in the water and everything because it’s been so nice.”

Braeburn Dog Park was another popular place in Rapid City, and not even a light drizzle could get people to leave. Dogs ran around and played with each other while their owners talked, or played a few rounds of fetch. One family even took their dogs to the park to help them learn to socialize with other dogs and people.

Crystal and her children Nia and Razzlynn were with their two puppies, preparing them for when they take trips as a family. “We want them to be friendly and social so we can take him out on outings with us,” Crystal said. “We like to camp a lot, and side-by-sides, so they’ll be our sidekicks.”

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