How cookies have been saying thank you for 25 years


Youth Family Services Staff Put Finishing Touches On Sugar CookiesRAPID CITY, S.D.– A local non-profit delivered a tasty thank you to area businesses and organizations. For 25 years now Youth & Family Services (YFS) youth have delivered cookies around Valentine’s Day showing their appreciation to those who make the programs possible. The nutrition program staff spent two days baking the sugar cookies.

YFS staff prepare sugar cookies to say thank you for the 25th year:

The YFS cookies are now so recognizable that businesses take pause when receiving their delivery.

YFS Nutrition Services Director Darcie Decker said, “From my experience walking into a business, they all looked and they stop and then there’s lots of smiles and they’re excited to see these cookies and welcome them.”

When the tradition started there were less than 300 dozen delivered. 25 years later that number has grown to over a thousand dozen.



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