House Committee rejects Noem security cost disclosure bill

The House State Affairs Committee voted 11-2 to reject a bill that would require Governor Kristi Noem to release the security costs for campaign trips.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The House State Affairs Committee has a bill that would have Governor Noem disclose security costs for her out-of-state campaign trips to support former President Donald Trump.

The 11-2 vote to kill the bill (House Bill 1089) came Friday morning. Noem had even pressured Republicans to drop the matter.

Public Safety Director Craig Price says if that information were to be released, it could put Gov. Noem at risk.

But State Representative Taffy Howard of Rapid City District-33 says that the issue of transparency isn’t going away. She adds that previous governors haven’t traveled as much for campaigns as Noem.

Howard says that the voice of the people, who wanted to know how their tax dollars are being spent is not being listened to. She says they want transparency.

“The people supported this bill,” Howard said. “I mean I heard from hundreds of people across this state, they loved the bill, they supported the cause of transparency but the agency opposed it and it was dead.”

Howard says there was nothing in the bill that would be of harm to Governor Noem. She pointed to that many states around the U.S. who have similar bills in place, but says even an aggregate amount of the expenses would suffice.

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