Hot Springs Showcase

When you think “small town”; you think of a place where a stranger will help stranded motorists, where the walk of an elderly neighbor is always shoveled and being greeted by name at your locally owned grocery store. When thinking of “small town” life in the Black Hills, Hot Springs, South Dakota is top of mind.

This Black Hills town began as a resort town, where ailing pioneers flocked to be healed by the natural hot springs in the area. Hot Springs became known throughout the country for its beautiful bathhouses, hotels and ease of access to the transportation of the time (railroads). Most of these structures were built from locally quarried sandstone and created in the Romanesque style, featuring arcades, round arches and heavy ornamentation. As the nation shifted from natural remedies to western medicine so did the focus of the healing town of Hot Springs. In 1903 the Battle Mountain Sanitarium was created as a national hospital for veterans, thus began Hot Springs history as a central hub to veteran care in the Black Hills. A history which continues to this day with the town hosting a V.A. hospital and State Veterans Home.

Visitors to Hot Springs today will find a picturesque town filled with history, culture and a wide variety of activities, stores and restaurants.

NewsCenter1 is proud to have the opportunity feature the town of Hot Springs in our Hot Springs Community Showcase airing Friday, June 22nd. Join us LIVE at 5:30 am, 6:00 am, 5:30 pm and 6:00 pm as we broadcast direct from Hot Springs, South Dakota.

It’s becoming one of Hot Springs’ hot spots – The Vault restaurant and bar.

Manager and Marketing Consultant Tammy Ackerman says there’s a real bond between staff and customers who “like to hear their name when they come in.”

As one visitor says, “You’re only a stranger once.”

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Hot Springs has a natural alternative for people who want healthy skin but don’t want harsh chemicals.

Juju’s Naturals began with a mission to help people live long and healthy lives. According to Owner Julie Stephens, it’s all about having control over your skin.

“We all live in a world where there’s tons of toxins everywhere … we try to make a difference,” Stephens says.

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When you need health care, you expect to be treated well.

Patients at the Regional Health Medical Clinic in Hot Springs not only get great care – they’re treated like family.

Staff take their time caring for patients, treating them as they would want to be treated.

The clinic offers care from birth to hospice. They work to make sure patients can be seen for urgent needs by providers in the clinic if the patient’s provider isn’t available.

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With Hot Springs being a top tourist destination, a relaxing stay keeps people coming back.

The FlatIron Inn offers a unique mix of history and comfort.

The FlatIron Building is on the National Historic Register. It was named after the first skyscraper in New York City, which is bordered on two sides by streets and looks like an old-fashioned flat iron.

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“Amazing” – the word most used to describe The Mammoth Site – a Hot Springs staple.

The story of this museum and excavation site goes back to 1974. A contractor began work on a housing development but was stopped short. There was something in the ground.

Dr. Jim Mead and the late Dr. Larry Agenbroad came to investigate the discovered bones.

In the late ‘70s, the decision was made to turn the site into an educational display. The work to study and preserve the bones continues today.

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Faces in the Crowd: Jeff Consoer, a scientist, decided the small town life was for him. Leaving the science field and opening a Speakeasy in Hot Springs, S.D. instead. 

Hot Springs 
using tax break to build more affordable homes

Pioneer Museum stands tall for over 100 years

Battle Mountain Humane Society is overcoming fire to ensure the smallest residents in Hot Springs are cared for

Hot Springs Museum brings childhood memories to life

Thank you to the sponsors who made the Hot Springs Community Showcase possible.