Hot Springs High School is working to get a JROTC program in their school

HOT SPRINGS, S.D. — Hot Springs High School is in the process of bringing a Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps program to the school. Officials say that over half the student body already wants to be a part of the program.

Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, or JROTC, is a military-regulated program designed to offer high school students leadership experience and motivate them to become better American citizens. The idea to bring a JROTC program to Hot Springs High School came from a student who learned how other JROTC programs in the area worked in order to make the program work at his school.

Nicolas Mumma, a sophomore at Hot Springs High School, said, “It’s all-around a really good program, you know, I did the research to bring to Mr. Lurz and Mr. Schniers. You know, it’s just been something that I liked, so this would help a lot of me.”

The curriculum for the JROTC program would consist of three different sections. Two hours of Aerospace Science, two hours of leadership courses, and then one hour of fitness every week. JROTC programs are geared towards students wishing to join the military, but can also be beneficial to anyone wanting to learn valuable life skills.

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“The intent of JROTC is not a recruiting mechanism, its for life skills and balance outside of high school. But yes it will prepare you for going into the military; it does not matter which branch you are going to go into but it will help you prepare for that,” said Master Sergeant Joseph Schniers.

There are certain standards a school must meet in order to have a JROTC program, such as having enough storage space for uniforms and equipment, as well as having enough space for training exercises. But the program is still in the process of coming together.

Troy Lurz, Principal of Hot Springs High School, said, “The application process is being drafted, and Master Sergeant has done a great job with that. The Superintendent has agreed to move forward; we wait for the military to tell us where we are at and the next steps come beyond that. So right now we are doing our leg work on our end and its out of our hands from that point.”

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