Hot Springs High School awarded Perkins Reserve Grant

HOT SPRINGS, S.D. — Hot Springs High School was recently awarded $30,000 for the Perkins Reserve Grant.

The grant will go towards purchasing new equipment for the school like a new plasma cutter as well as a large scale printer.

The school has purchased a number of new tools in order to give students the best opportunity to learn. By having up to date equipment students at Hot Springs are able to learn and make new things that they wouldn’t be able to with older gear.

“Our kids demand it, the public demands it, work force demands it, and if we are not putting it in front of them…every student has different journey, and if we are not giving them the skills to be successful out in the world right now we are failing them, and that’s our intention – to ramp these up to a point that everybody has an opportunity,” said Principal Troy Lurz.

The Perkins Reserve Grant funds will be available on April 1.

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