Regional Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary celebrates 45 years of service, thanks to committed volunteers

Regional Health Rapid City Hospital’s Volunteer Auxiliary has reached the $4 million dollar milestone in funds donated to the hospital, which in turn goes back to the patients. Volunteers like Bev Paschke make it possible.

As the saying goes, busy hands are happy hands … and for Bev, that couldn’t be truer.

Beverly Paschae, Caring Hands

Beverly Paschke, Caring Hands

Beverly Paschke, Regional Health Rapid City Hospital Volunteer, says, “I just like to do volunteer work. I feel like if God gives me the health and the ambition then I need to help other people.”

For the last (almost) 20 years, she has donated her time and talents to Regional Hospital. She volunteers on many capacities, including the caring hands crew — offering up hand massages to patients, a way for them to relax get their mind off their hospital visit.

Caring Hands, hand massages

Caring Hands, hand massages

Bev says, “I think they have found that the touch is kind of healing for people. And we’ve had people’s blood pressure go down as much as 10 points when we do a hand massage, so that’s really interesting and encouraging. It’s nice to be able to know that you helped somebody else.”

Volunteers are able to bridge the gap for some patients when friends or family can’t be around.

Beverly Paschae, Regional Volunteer

Beverly Paschke, Regional Volunteer

Bev says, “Especially over in the Cancer Care Center, you see some of the same people every week, or every 2 weeks, and so you kind of get to know them. It’s just fun to visit with them and find out what is going on in their lives.”

A part of Bev’s work is to give out distraction items like crossword puzzles or comfort items like neck pillows. She also helps make the blankets for cancer patients.

There are many types of volunteer jobs at the hospital — they connect volunteers with their most fitting opportunities.

Beverly Paschae fills pillows

Beverly Paschke fills pillows

Konnie Sorensen, Manager of Volunteer Services at Regional Health, says, “We are so fortunate to have a community of people who care about other people and step up when other people are at need. I think it’s a natural for people to come to the hospital because they know people here are probably having some need of a friend or a kind person that will help them out. And so I think it fills their passion also helps the patient.”

Every day at the hospital is a day that Bev is filling someone’s cup and filling her own as well.

Beverly Paschae, shoes blanket

Beverly Paschke, shows blanket

“It’s the satisfaction of being able to help somebody. You not only make yourself feel better, you make them feel better, and its’ just encouraging. It’s something to look forward to everyday; I enjoy it,” says Bev.

Click here for the link to get connected with volunteer opportunities at Regional Health or call 755-8980.

money raised at gift shop gives back to patients in the form of comfort items, like pillows and blankets, even purchasing the nice view cameras

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