Hope Center celebrates 10 years of mentoring, ministry, and serving the homeless community

RAPID CITY, S.D. — An organization providing essential services to Rapid City’s homeless community celebrating its ten-year anniversary.

The Hope Center on Kansas City Street serves as an emergency shelter for those in need,  but it goes beyond just a warm place to sleep. The Center fosters an environment of learning and growth, providing mentoring and ministry, mail and internet, and a community space – all in a judgment-free and welcoming way.

“You have an addiction you have an issue – whatever – it doesn’t matter…that doesn’t define you. We’re going to get you back where you need to be and we’re gonna do what we can to help you get there,” says Hope Center Board of Directors member Fred Baxter.

Thumbnail Img 8245Baxter, a retired Rapid City police officer, spent the last years of his career patrolling the downtown area, coming into contact with much of the Hope Center’s clientele. He’s been building that rapport ever since.

“I’ve seen successes and I’ve seen failures, but again, that’s just part of life. Sometimes people are ready and willing sometimes people will say they are and they’re not, and then sometimes they’re just not,” Baxter says.

The Center now stands where a doctor’s office once did, coming full circle – a place of healing where healing once occurred.

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