Honoring the fallen with flowers

Local greenhouses and flowers shops are busy filling orders for the Memorial Day holiday.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Traditionally, on Memorial Day people visit cemeteries and memorials and place flowers arrangements or plants on grave sites at cemeteries.


Local greenhouses and flowers shops are busy filling orders.

Red, white and blue arrangements as well as hanging baskets are popular for this holiday.

Nachtigall's Greenhouse

Nachtigall’s Greenhouse

Nachtigall's Greenhouse

Typically people will choose flowers that can withstand the wind, sun, and rain of the season.

Sidney Nachtigall, Owner of Nachtigall’s Greenhouse, says, “Well a lot of people will put geraniums in a pot and also maybe marigolds, petunias- whatever is the heartier of our flowers here, to keep them going well.”


Memorial Day tends to mark the unofficial start of summer and planting season for many Americans.

Nachtigall’s is open on Memorial Day.

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