Honor Their Service: social media tools

Our country was built on people fighting for freedom and the freedom of generations to come. Every hour, every minute of every day, our service men and women are across the globe, putting their lives in danger for us.

NewsCenter 1 would like to recognize those people and the people who advocate for them here at home. In this week’s edition of “Honor Their Service,” we take a look at some of the tools that families transferring to Ellsworth Air Force Base can use in order to get better acquainted with their new home.


RAPID CITY, SD – There are so many great resources online and through different apps that military families can take advantage of when they transfer to a new base. For those families moving to Ellsworth Air Force Base, there are several to choose from.

Let’s start with the Ellsworth Families Facebook page. This closed group has a lot of resources for families who are coming to South Dakota and may not know anything about the area or about the base that they’re moving to. “So it’s a really great place where we share activities that are going on, on the base and within the community. Share information, share resources. Share things like weather that’s coming up, base closures, stuff like that. School closures, so people are just in the know on what’s going on,” said Alana Wilson, one of the administrators of the Ellsworth Families Facebook page.

Then on base, Ellsworth takes pride in making sure that the families that come here have as many resources as possible. So there are a couple that are particularly useful. The first one, is Ellsworth Happenings which is now available in an easy to download app. There’s information about fun activities for the family, information on restaurants, discounts and a whole lot more.

“My favorite thing about the app is the sortable list of discounts. So if you are new to the area and you’re looking for military discounts for food or for hotels, all you have to do is pull up our discounts list and search what you’re looking for and the discounts that we’ve got will pop up for you. We are adding to those every week so our list will continue to grow. Right now this is the only place where you will find all of those resources consolidated into one convenient location in the palm directly in your hand,” said EAFB Marketing

Director, Mallory Baldwin. Ellsworth collaborated with Visit Rapid City and the Chamber of Commerce to work with local businesses in the area to showcase what they have to provide for our military members who are a cornerstone of our community.

Lastly, there’s the Air Force Connect App, which has everything you need to stay up to date with the U-S air force. “We use a variety of communication products including social media, written products, video products to help tell the

Air Force story. So, the Air Force Connect App is actually an Air Force Wide initiative and it’s goal is to make sure that we’re communicating consistent information across almost every installation across the Air Force enterprise. Our mission is to provide air power, anytime, anywhere and we want to make sure the people of the Black Hills and of South Dakota are aware of what we do everyday,” said Media Operations Section Chief at EAFB, Lt. Dan Rosenfield.

So no matter what you’re looking for, the Ellsworth community has something out there that can help you find exactly what you need.



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