Honor Their Service: Month of the Military Child

Our country was built on people fighting for freedom and the freedom of generations to come. Every hour, every minute of every day, our service men and women are across the globe, putting their lives in danger for us. NewsCenter 1 would like to recognize those people and the people who advocate for them here at home. So in this week’s edition of “Honor Their Service” let’s take a look at what this month means for our youngest service members.


April is the Month of the Military Child

Ellsworth AFB, S.D. – April is set aside as Month of the Military Child.

We can sometimes forget that for every military member in armed services, there’s a family behind them and in that family, there are sometimes children. That’s why we’re giving all military children a month just for them!

Maria Mendiola, Child Development Center Provider at Ellsworth Air Force Base

“It’s a month to celebrate the kids to show our support. And also they serve alongside the military members, so it’s a way to show appreciation for them and celebrate who they are and how resilient they are,” says Mary Mendiola with the Ellsworth AFB Child Development Center (CDC).

Susan Ratkovsky, also with the CDC at Ellsworth AFB, says “it is so important to support these kids because they have experienced more in their first five years of life than some kids do before their 18.”

Susan Ratkovky, Director of Child Development Center Director at Ellsworth Air Force Base

In case you have never heard it before, military kids are sometimes referred to as dandelions because is able to place roots almost anywhere. With kids in the military having to move around so much, they have to be able to adapt and set up roots wherever they end up; just like a dandelion.

Kids at the Child Development Center at Ellsworth Air Force Base

Throughout the entire month, there are activities that military children can take part in that represent the armed services like a wagon parade, making dog tags and flags. Also, on Friday, Apr. 12th, be sure to wear purple to show your support for the military children in our community and around the world.

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