Honor Banner Project commemorates SD veterans

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Portraits of veterans now line Main Street in honor of their service.

In its second year, the Veterans Honor Banner Project raised commemorative banners throughout Main Street on Wednesday.

Project members affixed 72 veterans banners to light poles and traffic fixtures. Each portrait depicts servicemen and women from World War II and other conflicts. The banners list their name, military branch and regiment.

Each banner is sponsored by a member of the community. They will hang in place until Nov. 12, after Veterans Day.

Project chairman Bill Casper said that the reactions of relatives to the veterans is the reason behind the project. He said he was personally touched by the occasion.

“The pictures that I’ve gotten on Facebook of people that have their families come and stand under the banner is priceless. They’re so happy,” Casper said. “I get emotional myself, but … that gives me pleasure – just to see the pleasure that they got as a result.”

Casper added that his organization hopes to include more Native American and women veterans in the future.

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