Homeowners reminded to trim branches to avoid obstructing traffic signs

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Homeowners and property owners are being reminded to trim or remove tree branches or bushes from private property and boulevard areas to avoid creating safety hazards.

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(PHOTOS: Examples of overhanging tree branches and bushes obstructing views of traffic signs in Rapid City neighborhoods – City Photos)

Tree branches and bushes on the properties can obstruct traffic signs at intersections and other areas, and homeowners and property owners can be cited for failure to remove the obstructions.

“It’s a safety issue,” said City Engineer Roger Hall. “In some instances, a driver approaches an intersection and they cannot see the stop sign, yield sign, school zone sign or other important traffic signs due to overhanging tree limbs laden with leaves, or bushes with overgrowth obstructing the view of the sign. We want to remind homeowners it’s their responsibility to keep trees and bushes trimmed so there is no obstruction to signage for oncoming traffic.”

The Code Enforcement Division investigates complaints filed by citizens and will notify homeowners to immediately remove the obstruction. If the hazard is not immediately removed, code enforcement will contact the Public Works Division or a private contractor for further action in getting the obstruction trimmed or removed.

Property and homeowners are responsible for the landscaping within the boulevard – the area between the sidewalk and the street pavement/curb and gutter. Cost for the tree and foliage trimming or removal along with an administrative fee can be assessed to the homeowner or property owner.

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