Holiday shopping advice: residents weigh in on finding the perfect gift

Uptown Rapid ShoppersRAPID CITY, S.D. — Just over three weeks worth of shopping days before Christmas seems like a lot, but they will go fast.

And with so many friends and family to find gifts for, it begs the question: “How do I find the perfect gift?”

As toys and tech and everything in between fly off the shelves, things can get that much harder.

However, as people look to check of all of the names on their lists, they realize that the perfect gift doesn’t always come from a big box store.

“I think a lot of people are really looking this year to buy local,” Sturgis Hometown Market vendor Christina Steele said. “And they want to really find something that matches the personality of the person that they’re purchasing for.”

Visitors to the market on Main Street Sunday afternoon had just that idea in mind as they browsed the different vendors, like Debra and Lynnette from Spearfish.

“If they’re quiet and like to read, maybe go for something like that, but if they’re outdoorsy,” Debra Ludens of Spearfish explained. “And we have a lot of sports grandkids and great-grandkids, so, it’s pretty much all individual.”

“I’m just always looking for something that’s unique, that nobody would have,” Lynnette Dempster added.

Over at Uptown Rapid, shoppers had other ideas in mind as they cashed in on the weekend-long Black Friday deals. And while personality is most certainly a good starting point, some, like middle school teacher Tammy Hancock, see it differently.

“I like to think of things like that will actually get them out and doing something, instead of something physical,” she stated.

Finally, once all the shopping is said and done, it’s important to take into account, perhaps, the most important person on your Christmas list.

“And then, I might find something for myself,” Debra stated.

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