Holiday Home Tips: Toasting the New Year

In case you’re still getting supplies for your News Year’s Eve celebrations, do you have the right bubbly to ring in the New Year? NC1’s Samantha Chadwell and Brant Beckman stopped by Arrowhead Country Club to find out how to properly toast to the start of 2020.

Select your product:

  • Real Champagne
    • From Champagne, France
    • Great quality, usually moderate to high priced
    • Different dryness levels
      • Nature (Driest)
      •  Extra Brut (Very Dry)
      • Brut (Average dryness, Small amount of Dosage)
      • Extra Dry (Slightly LESS dry than a Brut)
      • Dry (lightly sweet, AKA Secco)
      • Demi-Sec (moderately sweet)
      • Doux (Very Sweet)


  • Sparkling Wine
    • Most any bubbly wine from nearly anywhere in the world that is not made in Champagne, France, such as:
      • Crémant de (Any other region’s name will follow)
      • Prosecco
      • Spumante
      • Cava
      • California Sparkling wine such as:
      • Domain Chandon
      • Mumm Napa
      • Roederer Estates
      • Iron Horse
      • Domain Carneros
      • And so many, many more.

Chill it well

  • Open the bottle safely
  • Remove foil Capsule
  • Loosen wire cage
  • Hold Thumb over cork
  • Cover with napkin for safety
  • Twist bottle in one direction and Cork/Cage combination the other
  • Let natural pressure gently push cork out
  • Serve in proper stemware
  • Fill only ½ full

Glass type

  • Flute
  • Tulip
  • Saucer
    • Toast well, with gusto
    • Do not lightly touch lip of glass, or even top third
    • Firmly tap bottom third of both glasses

Most importantly, ENJOY!

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