Holiday Home Tips: Table Setting

Looking for help making your holiday table setting one to remember? Arrowhead Country Club’s Vince Baker shows NewsCenter1 Today’s Samantha Chadwell and Brant Beckman the secret to creating a festive and elegant table setting.

When setting the table start by perfecting the lay of the table cloth and the centerpiece or candle items. Chairs should just touch the table cloth, not pushed underneath it.

Leave room for accessories such as the butter dish, bread service, wine and decanter, sauce bowl.

When building your place settings, work from the center outward:

  • Charger, Base Plate, Napkin (ensure settings are exactly across from each other). Be creative with your Napkin fold! There are plenty of YouTube videos that can help you find the perfect fold.
  • Silverware, per course
    • Entrée (Knife & Fork)
    • Salad (Knife & Fork)
    • Soup (Spoon)
    • Appetizer (Knife & Fork or as appropriate)
  • Glassware
    • Water Glass (Above Knife)
    • Wine Glasses (Start to the right of water glass and arrange the needed amount of glasses as room allows)
    • Coffee
    • Cup & Saucer (To right of spoon, handle at 4:00)
  • Bread & Butter Plate to left of outer fork

If servers are assisting:

  • Serve all food items from the left side of guest using server’s left hand
  • Beverages are served from right side with server’s right hand
  • Soiled service ware is removed from guest’s right side with server’s right hand
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