HISTORIC RUN: A look at BHSU’s Men’s Basketball Team’s final four trip

SPEARFISH, S.D. —  For most of the 2021-22 season, success followed the Black Hills State University’s Men’s Basketball Team.

In fact, it followed them to the program’s first appearance in the NCAA Division two college basketball tournament, and behind that success, is a tight knit community, following them every step of the way.

“I think everyone knew from the start we had a very special team and I could sense that from almost the first game,” said Dr. Laurie Nichols, the President of BHSU.

BHSU historically has had strong teams, but the feeling on campus was that this team was different, especially for those like Mick Dana, who’s also a BHSU alumni, that has been following the team since 1963.

During that time, Dana’s watched many teams, some that included his son, that experienced their own success.

“They’ve had some wonderful teams and my son played from ’93 to ’97 and they were on many all tournament teams but this is the best team I’ve ever seen,” Dana said.

But with that different team, there’s a different feeling on the campus that supports them.

“They’re very well liked, and I think that says a lot because that’s not always the case with student athletes, so I just really, this is a very special young group of men, and then when you see him on the court, they’re very talented. So it’s it’s kind of like it’s a team that brings the whole package,” Dr. Nichols said.

As for what lies ahead, Dana says that this could possibly not be the end, for this special team.

With only three seniors on this year’s squad, there’s plenty of optimism for those that could return to the team.

“It’s pretty amazing if you think about it because they’re not selfish and they’re very loyal to spearfish. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised. You might see them all back,” Dana added.

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