Hints of Spring: 50’s and 60’s starting this weekend

Bitter cold will exit the region tonight into tomorrow and usher in some mild, Spring-like weather with warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine

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  • Chilly but overall dry conditions are expected today, with a few leftover flurries and snow showers expected.
  • Temperatures will struggle to reach the 30s for most of the region, save for northeastern Wyoming.

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  • Tonight into Friday however, warmer temperatures will start to creep back into the region.
  • 40s and 50s are likely across the area Saturday, with plenty of sunshine.

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  • Sunday will see much of the same, save for a few passing showers in the afternoon.

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  • The next possible system we’re looking at will be somewhere between Tuesday evening through Wednesday of next week.
  • This could end up being all rain, so not throwing any darts at it just yet – but as always it’ll be something we keep on the backburner.


Things were not bad at all yesterday, we had a few rain showers and things did get a *little* slick in spots, but overall travel was fine and impacts were minimal at best. Cold, dry air rushed in and dried up all the precipitation that had fallen earlier in the morning – essentially leaving the roads dry by the time snow rolled in. Had we maintained moisture for another hour.. I think we could have seen an ice rink, but thankfully my heavy handed forecast never panned out. As promised, I’ll take the heat for that forecast…

Cool and unsettled weather does look likely in the long range forecast…. but cool and unsettled looks different in Late March than it does in January… so we could still be talking about strictly rain here. Something to monitor… but I think everyone should be able to open their windows this weekend and bring in a little of the outdoors. I’ll take another look at Wednesdays system on Sunday, because by then we should get a better idea of temperatures at the very least.

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Rapid City Friday morning


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