Hills Alive back on after year off due to COVID

RAPID CITY, S.D. — After a year off due to COVID, Hills Alive is back – and it was a time for more than just great music.

While the Hills Alive festival draws big name Christian artists, like Steven Curtis Chapman and Mandisa to Rapid City for an awesome time, it also provides an opportunity for people to strengthen and grow their faith.

For members of the prayer team, they came together to not only pray for individuals, but for the city and its future.

And of course prayers for those coming to Christ.

“There’s a lot of people who’ve come to know Christ for the first time today. And, people were baptized over here in the pond, in the lake, where they normally wouldn’t have had that opportunity, but it was provided today. So a lot of people, hundreds maybe, came to know God and were able to pray and break chains in ways only God is able to. And we’re really seeing a lot of lives changed here today for the better,” said Teresa Plaggemeyer, prayer team member.

And for others, it was a chance to publicly show their faith.

Hills Alive

Many who attended the concert chose to be baptized – including local artist Sophia Beatty.

She says she’d been baptized as a baby, but wanted it to be a conscious choice she was showing to the world.

“I wanted to publicly proclaim my faith. And I thought this would be a great place and a great way to do it. So I just feel so blessed to be here and glorify God by making this bold statement in front of people,” Beatty said.

The event was an overall success, and the hope is for an even bigger and better event next year.

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