Hill City creates care packages during Sturgis Rally

HILL CITY, S.D. — Hill City has been fortunate in that they have not experienced the same issues with coronavirus cases that have been seen around the country.

However, city leaders realize that COVID-19 is a real danger and the population could potentially be at risk with the increase of visitors to the Black Hills for the rally.

To lend a hand in keeping South Dakota safe, Hill City has created care packages for anyone in need. The kit consists of masks, hand sanitizing wipes, and are available to individuals and businesses.

Mayor Kathy Skorzewski said, “While we do understand that it’s the time of the year that’s quite busy for businesses, if they need some assistance in getting them, we’re more than happy to deliver them or to those who can’t get out to get them. We work really well together as a community and we support each other, and this is one way that we can continue to promote awareness of COVID as well as to try to stop the spread and make sure that people are prepared.”

For those interested, COVID kits can be picked up at city hall. There are separate packages for individuals and businesses, and is not limited to residents.

Along with providing packages to keep residents and visitors healthy, there have also been changes implemented during the rally to protect bikers. Main street will be closed to all traffic except motorcycles during the rally, and the city will announce when traffic will reopen as usual.

In the mean time, a new municipal parking lot has been opened for other vehicles.

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