Hill City breweries introduce igloos to keep fun going in winter

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to find creative ways to cope with separation, distance and safety, and businesses have been no different.

Prairie Berry and Miner Brewing in Hill City have found a fun way to keep people separated, social and warm during the winter, igloos. The exciting new additions will allow both businesses to optimize their outdoor spacing during the winter. Visitors can rent igloos for groups up to six, and have been advertised as a way to enjoy the beauty of the Black Hills, all while staying warm and dry.


“I think COVID has been an instigator for a lot of fun new ideas,” said Taproom Hospitality Manager Casey Nordine. “And we had been keeping an eye on this company, Garden Igloo, for a couple of years, it was kind of on our wish list. And then once COVID came around, it kind of gave us that last little push that we need to make the decision to go with them.”

The igloos are available in 90 minute increments, and the brewery has scheduled 30 minutes between reservations for cleaning. Nordine says, the igloos have been open for two weeks and visitors are already booking reservations through the end of the year. The igloos will be in use at least through the colder months.

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