Hikers reminded to bring plenty of water

RAPID CITY, S.D. –  Eight days into summer and emergency responders have logged several calls for help from hikers.

6 29 Smart Hiking Vo00 00 00 00still001The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office says it has received dozens of calls. The number one reason for those calls, hikers who get dehydrated.

It turns out that many who hit the trails are simply not packing enough water. Best advice, always bring more than you think you can drink. Also, don’t be deceived by cooler temps in the shade of the forest canopy, you could get hotter than you would imagine.

Lt. David Switzer with the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office says, “Just the ambient heat during the day will get to you. The humidity, which brings up the heat index, can be very deceiving.”

Switzer also recommends dressing  appropriately for your hike with sun reflective clothing. Also, carry a charged cell phone in case of emergencies.

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