Highway Patrol: listen to ‘no travel advisories’

RAPID CITY, S.D. -East river is preparing for a winter storm, which can be a setback for anyone traveling to or from the eastern portion of the state. Highway patrol recommends keeping an eye on the forecasts and listening to those no travel advisories.

Anytime there is snow or ice on the ground, you want to take it slow, give yourself stopping room, and remove all distractions while driving. If you do not have to leave the house during a winter storm or a blizzard, don’t.

This winter storm is expected to be brutal and Interstate 90 is closed between Mitchell and Sioux Falls, both east and westbound. North and southbound lanes of I29 will be closed between Sioux Falls and the North Dakota border.

 “If we have an interstate closure, we’ll end up doing some sweeps where we’ll go out and sweep the interstate, making sure that everybody is removed from the interstate before we completely shut the interstate down,” says Chris Regan a Highway Patrol State Trooper.

Driving on a closed interstate is not only dangerous, but you can get a ticket that will cost you over $200.

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