High Wind Warning Tuesday: Trampolines and trash cans beware

Northwesterly winds could gust up to 60+ MPH in portions of our area this afternoon, with a few thundershowers to throw in the mix.

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  • Morning showers will give way to a vigorous cold front and windy conditions this afternoon, temperatures expected to possibly hit the 50s and 60s for the most part.

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  • A High Wind Warning has been issued by the National Weather Service for areas North and East of the Black Hills, with a Wind Advisory for the Southern Portions of our area.
  • Northwest winds could gust up to 60+ MPH in some cases, particularly in Harding and Perkins County, and areas just East of the I-90 corridor from Western Meade County down to Box Elder.
  • High Grassland Fire Danger is also something we’ll need to keep in mind with these conditions this afternoon.

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  • With these windy conditions this afternoon, we’ll also need to keep a look out for a few afternoon thundershowers, though most of these will be Northeast of the Black Hills towards Perkins, Ziebach and Haakon County.

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  • Trash cans, trampolines, small dogs and small children should be tied down or they may end up in your neighbors yard. These winds will be KICKIN’ today, so in all seriousness make sure to tie down any vulnerable equipment or property this afternoon.
  • Things should calm down by Thursday, when we expect winds to calm down.

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  • Thursday will feature a very warm day, with a few clouds in the afternoon. Temperatures could easily push into the low to mid 80s… and no doubt there will be a 90° somewhere in our region by the late afternoon.
  • Unsettled weather returns for this weekend, with widespread thundershowers starting Friday night and going through the beginning portion of next week. Good moisture, and thankfully no severe weather expected with this system…. for now. We’ll keep an eye on it as we progress through the week.
  • Stay safe out there! Wash your hands! – Brant

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