Will we see typical fall weather this week?

Will we see more typical fall weather this week?













RAPID CITY, S.D. – Temperature trends: 

We’ll see temperatures more typical of fall. Wednesday looks like the only day where we’ll see high temperatures in the 70’s. Thursday and Friday will be fairly cool with highs not expected to get above 60. We’ll also be seeing overnight low temperatures in the 30’s for Thursday and Friday night.

Will we get any precipitation?:

We have a good chance for rain and thunderstorms Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoon, as well as Friday morning.

Will it be windy?:

Strong wind gusts will be associated with stronger thunderstorms. The passage of a cold front on Thursday could also bring some gusty conditions.

What about my plants?:

If your plants aren’t rated for temperatures below 50, they should be moved indoors each night this week. If your plants can handle temperatures in the 40’s but not in the 30’s make sure you bring them in Thursday and Friday night. Wednesday and Saturday night could get pretty close to 40 too.

What should I wear?:

We’re entering a week with fall-like temperatures, so any fall outfit that you typically wear should be fine. Everyday through Thursday, you should also be prepared for rain, so bring a rain coat or an umbrella with you if you plan to go out. The temperatures at night might be getting a little cold for some, but a medium to lightweight jacket should suffice.

Weekend forecast:

This weekend, we’ll have highs in the mid to upper 60’s. At this time no precipitation is expected.

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