Here’s how you can help keep your home safe from fires


RAPID CITY, S.D.–  This Autumn has provided a spectacular show of color but all those falling leaves could increase your risk for fire. As the wind begins to knock leaves free from trees, they start accumulating in the yard and around your house.

Copy Of Orange Fun Fall Season Leaf Skip Counting Maze Math WorksheetThe Rapid City Fire Department says this could put your home in jeopardy, especially for those living in areas at risk for wildland fires. The fire department recommends cleaning up those dry fuels on your property as soon as possible.


If the plan is to store those leaves in compost the RCFD says it’s important they are at least thirty feet from the home.

Fire & Life Safety Specialist for RCFD Monica Colby says clearing dead leaves and pine needles at least thirty feet from house increase the chances of a home surviving a wildfire before firefighters arrive.

Colby also says it’s also a good time to empty out dead flower pots. She says that, as the fertilizers and other material decompose, they have the potential to start on fire in the heat.

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