Here’s how the weather this evening compares to past Halloweens in the Black Hills area

RAPID CITY, S.D.- We’ve had all kinds of weather on Halloween in the Black Hills, from sunshine to snow.

Previous Records

Rapid City saw a record high of 80 degrees in 1937 and a record low of 6 degrees in 1935.

Winner and Hot Springs have the region’s hottest Halloween high temperatures at 83 degrees, set in 2007 and 1933 respectively. Hot Springs also has the coldest recorded low temperature in western South Dakota, which was -5 degrees in 1991.

Lots of snowfall records were set in the 1920s, but we’ve seen snow in western South Dakota on October 31st plenty of times since then. In fact, Lead had a snow depth of 14 inches on Halloween in 1996.

Tonight’s Forecast

For this year, we expect mostly clear skies, and temperatures in the  40s and 50s for a few hours after sunset.

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