Here’s a look at some of the events happening before the Black Hills Stock Show officially starts

Stock Show

Inside the James Kjerstad Event Center at Central States Fairgrounds Wednesday. (Mackenzie Dahlberg, NewsCenter1)

RAPID CITY, S.D. – As many might know, the Black Hills Stock Show approaches. Being still over a week away from its first day, people might be trying to keep their excitement at bay, when they don’t have to for that long.

There are a few pre-stock show events that will start happening Sunday at James Kjerstad Event Center at Central States Fairgrounds.

“We have a ton of horse activities that take place prior to the official dates of the stock show,” Ron Jeffries, general manager of the Black Hills Stock Show, said. “We have them because there’s not enough time and arena space available to do them during the stock show.”

The stock show is kicked off by Thar’s Ranch Sorting and then American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) events will happen next week.

Ranch sorting is a sport where a team of two riders on horseback separate cattle into pens while racing against the clock.

Photos of the James Kjerstad Event Center:

Some of the AQHA events happening include:

  • Cutting – a competition that demonstrates the horse’s athleticism and ability to handle cattle.
  • Reining – a competition that riders guide their horses through a precise pattern of circles, springs and stops.
  • Working cow horse – a competition where the horse and rider are tested on their skill and ability to work cattle.
  • Ranch horse versatility – a competition that demonstrates abilities in ranch riding, ranch trail, ranch reining, ranch cow work and ranch conformation.

“This stock show takes place at the end of January, first of February, because it fits perfectly for the ranching lifestyle,” Jeffries said. “Everybody’s done with calving and they’re not yet out in the field. So, it’s their last chance to have a great vacation before they have to go work the rest of the year through.”

The stock show officially begins on Friday, Jan. 27. You can find the schedule for both the early events and the stock show on the Black Hills Stock Show website. You can buy event tickets here, also on the stock show website.

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