Reset Weight in Rapid City gives a few tips to avoid the holiday weight gain from sweets and feasts

Tips To Fight Holiday Weight GainRAPID CITY, S.D. – With cookies baking in the oven and another feast on the horizon, you may be concerned about holiday weight gain. Cheryl Rasmussen, owner and weight loss consultant of Reset Weight, shares some practical tips on how to avoid the holiday bulge. Whether its taking a walk with friends or family or strolling through Rapid City’s Storybook Island’s Christmas Nights of Lights, staying hydrated throughout the day is crucial. There are a few ways that you can help yourself through the holidays.

Here’s a few tips from a weight loss consultant on ways you might be able to avoid the weight gain that can happen this time of year.

Q&A with Cheryl Rasmussen, owner and weight loss consultant of Reset Weight:

What are some ways to try avoiding the holiday weight gain?



What’s another tip for eating around the holidays?


How can someone work out if it’s too cold outside?


What are somethings that can affect your weight that isn’t food related?

“Sleep does affect your weight and so does stress,” Rasmussen said. “You can be eating right. You can be exercising. But stress can really put on the weight on people. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. So, a good stress release is exercising.”

Staying hydrated is another way you can help avoid things like overeating.


How can liquid calories like alcohol play into weight gain?


How can people be careful with taste testing while baking or cooking?


Why it’s good to know your trigger foods?


What are other tips for people who don’t want to gain holiday weight?


More about Reset Weight:

Rasmussen says she is “all about fat loss.”

Being a weight loss consultant, Rasmussen meets with people in different sessions.

According to the business’s pamphlet, there’s no counting calories and no hunger pangs. You will learn how to balance meals, shop for groceries, ‘eat out’ sensibly and how and where to find ‘real food.’

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