Here is how Rapid City is planning to fix water damage at parking ramp

MediaRAPID CITY, S.D. – Rapid City’s downtown parking ramp has received quite a bit of water damage over the years. Tuesday, the Public Works Committee heard a proposal to not only fix it  but prevent it from happening.

Members heard from Albertson Engineering about what’s damaged and what needs to be done. Albertson says there are many structural, mechanical, and electrical repairs needed. All caused by corrosion caused by harsh weather and the use of road deicer.

Albertson Engineering Project Engineer Stephen Kilber says, “Cracking and discoloration, rust, bleeding, things like that – that’s kind of one type, one category of deterioration. But when you get to spalling, it visually becomes something much, much more different, much more drastic in terms of, wow, that doesn’t look right. We need to correct that.”

One area of concern is the parking ramps stairwells. The concrete has been chipping away from years of exposure. Albertson proposes protecting them from moisture by enclosing them. Stephen Kilber says, “The stairs over at Pennington County were only open for two years. And for the last ten years, they’ve been enclosed and relatively speaking, there are several areas in those stairs that almost look brand new.”

The proposed cost of the project is $3.9 million. The public works committee has approved it contingent upon approval of funding. Community Development Director Vicki Fisher says a funding source should be identified during Wednesday’s meeting of the Legal and Finance Committee.

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