Here comes the sun-warped vinyl: Why records should not be left in cars for too long

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Dropping a vinyl record can scratch the disk and ruin the quality if it doesn’t break, but leaving that brand-new album in a hot car can do much more serious damage.

Vinyl Record Sales 3Vinyl records have a melting point of around 200 degrees Fahrenheit — but if left in a hot car for too long, it will start to warp and lose its shape which could even render them unplayable.

Placing a record in a dark spot such as under your seat can help, but Black Hills Vinyl strongly recommends placing it in a bag and taking it with you if you are out for an extended period of time.

“The windshields act as a magnifying glass almost, and that amplifies the heat,” said Jory Andre from Black Hills Vinyl. “That is why even in the high eighties, you can still warp your records because it just magnifies all of that heat. On a sunny day, it’s around 80 degrees and you get in your car and you are baking. It is kind of that effect.”

Vinyl records should be stored away from intense light at room temperature to preserve them over time.

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