Here are more people sharing why they are thankful this time of year

RAPID CITY, S.D. – While you might be busy gobbling up some turkey, it’s still a time to remember what you’re thankful for.

You can also learn about what Rapid City kids are thankful for and what the NC1 staff is thankful for.

But here are reasons why people you may or may not know are thankful this time of year.

Kennedy, 14, & Kinsley Miller, 11, of Billings, Mont.



“Well, I’m thankful at Thanksgiving time because it starts off the Thanksgiving Christmas holiday. And for me, that’s a time when we get to remember what it is about Thanksgiving that’s still stuck in our minds over the years growing up, the type of food or the family members coming over, any activities, that sort of thing. So, it starts me off on a trip down memory lane and it reminds me who I was and it reminds me of the excitement of the holiday season. I think that’s good because when you’re an adult, you end up kind of losing track of who you were as a kid and so this is the best opportunity for me to do just that. To remember what it was like being a kid and anticipating Thanksgiving meal with everybody and all the special food. And then next stop is Christmas. So, it’s a good time of year.”

Darrell Shoemaker, communications coordinator of the City of Rapid City


Darci Beatty, owner and manager of The Bestro

“I’m thankful for my husband, my children. Just to be able to do the Bestro, because I would have never guessed I could do something like that. And just thankful, I don’t know. I’m just in general, thankful to exist, I guess.”

Somer Kingsbury, business owner of Who’s Toy House 


Lt. Shane Barrows of the Rapid City Fire Department


Chief Deputy Willie Whelchel of the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office

“I’m really thankful for family and health. That would be the first two main things. Fortunately, this year, we’re going to have all of our family together for Thanksgiving and we’re very, very excited about that. Then I would say the next thing that I would tell you that I’m thankful for is that I work for an organization that works very had every day, helping others. Here at the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office, that’s what we’re always looking to do. That is our job every day. So, thankful that I work for an organization that does that day in and day out every day of the year. And then to have my family in good health and the holidays, and living here in the state of South Dakota.”

Josh Gilbert, 37, of Rapid City


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