Here are 3 bills Governor Noem signed supporting South Dakota’s military members


Noem Bill 6RAPID CITY, S.D.–While among the guard members before the activation ceremony of the 216th Firefighter Detachment Governor Noem signed a bill providing 100% tuition reimbursement if they attend a public college or university. The Governor says this gives the guard members more educational options and she hopes it leads to an increase in guard enlistment which has been down in recent years.

Governor Kristi Noem says, “I didn’t feel it was right for me to say and expect our recruiters to go out, and all of you to go out, and inspire new people to step up and serve if I didn’t give you every single tool that you needed to do that.”

Governor Noem signs bill paying for South Dakota National Guard soldiers:

The governor also signed two additional bills into law to help South Dakota military members and veterans. HB1045 which increases the basic salary schedule for county veterans’ service officers and HB1065 which increases the maximum dollar amount payable by the state for veteran headstones.

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