Helpline Center provides new texting program for teens in crisis

RAPID CITY, SD– From anxiety about a test to a crisis situation teenagers can now pick up their cell phone and text someone for help when they feel they have nowhere else to turn.

The Helpline Center now offers ‘Text4Hope’ a free program designed to reach high school students 24/7 and 365 days a year.

‘Text4Hope’ is just one of many programs available to Rapid City and Black Hills area teenagers struggling with a range of issues -from relationships to suicide. Suicide is the 2nd cause of death among ages 10-24, says the CDC’s most recent report.

With social media and texting being a popular mode of communication it makes sense why students would be more willing to utilize the new service when they need help.

“One positive with technology is that it can connect people,” says Black Hills Program Coordinator Audrey Nordine.  “It can make you feel not alone. It can give you something easy, accessible to look back at texts for coping strategies…a way to look back on, a way to save, things you’re learning to cope – skills of that nature.”

The Helpline Center is an agency of The United Way of the Black Hills. Other mental health resources provided by The United Way includes transportation to and from health appointments, access to health services and counseling services.



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