Helpline Center honors volunteers

April 18-24 is an opportunity to recognize the people who build stronger and better communities. Over 200 volunteers in South Dakota registered for the Helpline Center Spirit of Volunteerism Awards, 71 of those in the Black Hills Region.

For the past 35+ years the Helpline Center has celebrated the exemplary efforts of volunteers at our Spirit of Volunteerism awards event in Sioux Falls and in Rapid City since 2016.

With an in-person event out of the picture this year, the Helpline Center is honoring the volunteers who stepped up during the COVID-19 pandemic – those who helped with food distribution, assisted a home bound neighbor, made face masks or just provided support to those in need as both communities and individuals struggled through the past year.

Dennis Wagner, Board Member for the Helpline Center and Community Banker at Black Hills Community Bank, says, “It actually takes a community to succeed and our community is dependent on all of us -all of our talents and all of our skills and all of our resources in order to make our community as successful as it possibly can.”

Audrey & Dennis load up car with volunteer items

Audrey & Dennis load up car with volunteer items

Helpline Center is highlighting the contributions with social media posts and videos documenting volunteer experiences, delivering thank you gifts and putting up appreciation signs in yards. Thank you boxes include gifts from sponsors and a ceramic award that can be used as a coaster or for display.

Many of the volunteers were surprised by the recognition – most say they simply find purpose out of giving their time and talents.

Dennis delivers volunteer gifts

Dennis delivers volunteer gifts

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in the community and they rely on the hard work of those who serve.

Audrey Nordine, Helpline Center Black Hills Program Director, says,  “Volunteers are really essential to nonprofits from being the volunteers that do their deliveries so the staff can manage their projects and fundraising. Volunteers coming in to support and really bringing in that outside community to perhaps the people that they serve – to have the community be a part of that is creating change in our community because volunteers, once you volunteer you have buy in and understand what our organizations do to better our community.”

In the future, the Helpline Center will host the volunteer banquet during National Volunteer Week.

Volunteer receives award

Volunteer receives award

Black Hills sponsors include: Midco, Black Hills Community Bank, Black Hills Energy, Monument Health, and Scull Construction.

To tune into the launch of each volunteer story on April 18-24, 2021 – click here.

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