Helping the Homeless

OneHeart Campus

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Over 16 percent of people in South Dakota live in poverty – that’s over 12,000 people. OneHeart is an organization that hopes to change those statistics. On Tuesday, city officials toured the facility.

The organization will serve as a long-term living facility for people without homes. The program focuses on food stability, behavioral health, and housing the homeless.

People will live in buildings that were once college dorms. One building will house families, and the other two will be women’s and men’s dorms.

The entire campus consists of five buildings.

The goal is to get people on their feet. They’ll provide health, educational, and career resources.

“If someone was not able to get their GED, that might be something that they can get at OneHeart,” said Julie Oberlander, a communications director with Rapid City.

Living in poverty affects the brain and can lead to behavioral health issues, which is why they will have counselors. When someone is always thinking about survival, their body goes into the “fight or flight” response.

Fight or flight is how the body responds to intense stress. The brain signals that the body is in danger, and the person will do anything to survive.

Philanthropists funded OneHeart, and it’s owned by a private company. The campus should open in fall of 2020.

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