Help for Hope: Shelter in Rapid City asking for donations needed to serve hundreds of guests

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Hope Center in Rapid City is calling on the public to help them in their greatest time of need.

On average, the shelter is able to provide meals for 200 people. Since April 3, when the shelter briefly closed due to the pandemic, the need for food security has increased dramatically, and now the shelter is feeding over 300 people per day.

“There are people who I’ve never seen before,” said Melanie Timm, Executive Director of the Hope Center.

While closed, Hope Center started serving meals at Rapid City Skatepark on New York Street, in order to “meet people where they’re at.”

The shelter reopened August 7, but its volunteers and staff remain diligent in mitigating the virus spread and providing food to those in need.

“When we came back indoors our facility is just too small to accommodate everyone and allow for social distancing,” said Timm. “In order to continue feeding people we decided to meet them where they are, here in the park.”

With an increasing demand for food also comes the cost of cooking and preparing the meals.

Timm says it takes about $500 a day to feed the hundreds of guests that they meet. The shelter offers sponsorship opportunities for anyone interested in sponsoring a day’s worth of food for meals.

There is also a great need for hygiene products. Items like travel size shampoo and conditioner, soap, toilet paper, wash clothes and razors are in high demand. Shoes, socks, blankets and coats are also graciously accepted as the colder months draw near.

For ways to help the Hope Center, and its mission, visit HERE.

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