Heisman Trophy winner Johnny “The Jet” Rodgers meeting and greeting fans


Heisman trophy winner and Nebraska Corn Husker legend Johnny Rogers was in town this weekend, first making a stop at the pow wow yesterday and today a meet and greet with the public.

Johnny “The Jet” Rodgers is a former NFL and CFL player who became famous for how well he could return the ball on punts. College Football News described him as “The greatest kick returner in college football history” which many think he is since he holds the record for the most punts returned in a players college career with seven. Not only that but at his time with the Huskers “The Jet” racked up 942 receiving yards, 267 rushing yards, 618 in put return yards and 184 in kick off return yards. He also totaled 16 touchdowns and earned himself the Heisman Trophy.

“We were doing things other teams weren’t doing” said Johnny Rogers. “You know just a few weeks ago ESPN announced that they did a poll and they chose the 1971 team as the greatest college football team of all time, so that just came out just a few weeks ago so to have that type of recognition in your lifetime is quiet a deal. When you think of just how many players have played and how many really good players are in there.”

Johnny Rogers had a dream when he was young to make $100,000 in his lift, originally the Los Angeles Chargers offered him $50,000. But he held out and the Canadian Football League offered him 1 million dollars, ten times his original amount, and the rest is history.

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