Health professionals host webinar on back-to-school hygiene

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Elevate Rapid City hosted a webinar Wednesday morning regarding back-to-school hygiene and safety.

The hour was spent discussing healthy habits in school, considering the unique challenges students will face this school year.

Health professionals shared ways to make healthy habits, such as hand-washing, a fun practice for school aged children.

They recommended that parents teach their younger kids to sing “Happy Birthday” while washing their hands. The song is about 20 seconds long, which is the ideal amount of time it takes for hand-washing to be effective.

The speakers also shared that hand sanitizer should be a second option, if soap and water are not within reach.

Schools will also be enforcing “personal bubbles” which represent personal space and establishes social distancing.

“It’s sometime hard for little kids to understand how far six feet is, and of course your teachers and the staff at our school will help you know that,” said Sateera Thompson, a registered nurse.

Socializing with friends is part of the school experience, so school are suggesting that students try to greet friends in creative way. Suggesting students do air hugs, high-fives, and fist bumps.

They also briefly addressed emotional health, and the importance of students sharing their feelings with adults that they trust.

Registered nurse, Cindy Begley said, “People need each other and they need to be around each other. This is really normal, we want you to talk to your parents, we want you to talk to your teacher, to your nurse, to your counselor, anybody in the building will help you with this.”

Schools will have signs posted in hallways and classrooms, to remind students to keep their distance, wash their hands, wear masks and more.

An added tip was just to maintain overall health by getting enough sleep, hydrating, and eating clean.

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