HB 1033 shows promise for future development of Rapid City area

RAPID CITY, S.D. — With the Black Hills continuing to expand, places like Habitat for Humanity are focused on their work with developers to keep up with residential demand.

The Black Hills Area Habitat For HumanityHB 1033 aims to provide much needed support for developers in the form of $200 million for infrastructure work such as installing street gutters, traffic signals and street lighting along with much-needed support for purchasing land for development.

“When they want to develop residential or commercial in a new area, they have to pay for that infrastructure to go in,” Executive Director of the Black Hills Area Habitat For Humanity Scott Engmann said. “So what HB 1033 does is that it provides funding to help pay for that infrastructure to then open up new areas to develop and create new housing.”

Habitat for Humanity currently has projects scattered throughout the city, which include the building of homes on Midway and Macarthur Street, and Van Buren.

They also have a larger village-type development in the works on East St. Charles and Creek Drive.

If the funding is secured, developers will have that support for buying land to build on, along with increased liquidity. This will assure taxpayer’s money for South Dakota Housing is going where it needs to.

“There’s visions for doing lots of other projects like that in our region, but they’re outside of where the utilities currently are. So, HB 1033 would be really critical to help fund those projects and close that pricing gap.”

As of March 10, HB 1033 is currently waiting to be signed off by Gov. Kristi Noem for final approval.

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