Officials respond to pole barn fire near Piedmont

PIEDMONT, S.D. — Three fire departments responded to the call of a structure and wildland fire Saturday afternoon.

Steven Monteforte of the Piedmont Fire Department said that the fire began in hay bales on an Elk Creek Road property. The fire then spread and caught a pole barn on fire.

Crews from Piedmont, Black Hawk, North Haines, Rapid City and Highway Patrol responded to contain the fire.

The dryer season and strong winds have increased fire danger, prompting officials to caution the public.

“Any firepits or anything like that at all,” Monteforte says, “any chimneys — just be prepared that anything you’re burning outside is prohibited right now until you get a permit from the state.”

Officials say that the barn received significant damage, but no injuries to public or responding firefighters were reported.

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