Hay Camp Brewing Company holds community bike swap

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Hay Camp Brewing Company does a great job of staying involved in the community and encouraging people to stay active.

Over the weekend, the brewery hosted a community bike swap. There were tricycles, bicycles, and even unicycles at the Hay Camp’s third annual bike swap. Enthusiasts from around the area met at Hay Camp to swap tools, bike parts, and even bikes.

The event, which is usually held indoors, was moved outside to help people social distance themselves, and is a reminder for people to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

“We are encouraging people to be outside, riding their bikes, we’re encouraging them to be conscience though of the trails that they’re riding on, not damaging them,” said Hay Camp Events Coordinator, Emily Harris.  “We do encourage drinking and biking, obviously then you’re not driving your car or anything like that. So, biking and beer go hand in hand for us, so we are definitely kind of submerged into that society.”

Ten percent of the funds raised is donated to the Black Hills Mountain Bike Association to help with bike trail upkeep.

Despite a modest turnout during the event, Hay Camp has done quite well during the pandemic with the introduction of their online services and store placement, and is looking forward to returning to normal.

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