Hay Camp Brewing Co. holds its 4th annual Bike Swap

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Hay Camp Brewing Company held its fourth Annual Bike Swap over the weekend.

The Bike Swap is a chance for people in the community to come and swap their bike parts, tools, and even bikes with others. The Bike Swap is also a chance to highlight the importance of Earth Day later on this week by reusing and recycling parts from someone else, as well as encouraging others to get outside and take advantage of the nice weather.

Ben Peck, Wholesale Distribution for Hay Camp Brewing Co., said, “Last year a lot of people got into it cause there was not a lot of team sports going on and stuff like that. Its a good activity to get you out and get some exercise if your gym is maybe closed or you don’t feel comfortable going to there you can still get out.”

In case you missed the annual Bike Swap this weekend, Hay Camp Brewing Company also has a Facebook page that works as an online bike swap year round.

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