Hay Camp Brewery lending a sanitized hand to the community

Rapid City, S.D. — Along with other restaurants and breweries, Hay Camp shut it’s doors to the public, but the brewery has come up with some great ideas to help the community.

Like many local restaurants and breweries, Hay Camp started curb side deliveries and pick ups for patrons. The tavern had been slowly working to distribute their special brews on a larger scale and spent the past 18 months distributing their brews to restaurants and bars.

Recently it became the first brewery in Rapid City to begin distribution of their own brews to local shops and liquor stores.

To lend a clean helping hand in the community, Hay Camp has also been making and selling hand sanitizer.

Sam Papendick, co-owner of Hay Camp Brewery said, 

“We shut down our tavern, one kinda marketing idea we had was just to do some small batch sanitizer stuff. We were just going to do these little 8 ounce bottles, and give them complementary or sell them out of the tap room for marketing purposes.”

Referencing policy released by the FDA, Hay Camp received approval to create an 80% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. The project originally started with five pounds of compounded hand sanitizer, but quickly turned into a much bigger project.

“We just took what they had recommended because we were kinda restricted from that perspective, and we ran with it,” Papendick said. “And it was a matter of sourcing some of the ingredients, as well a lot of the bottles and the containers, and now we are probably up over 500 gallons of hand sanitizer spoken for.”

With the shortage of hand sanitizer and growing number of people making it from home, Papendick says the hardest thing to come by has actually been the bottles for packaging.

Despite that, Hay Camp plans to keep up with the demand. Hay Camp’s brews and hand sanitizer can be found at local liquor stores such as Mr. Liquor and several select stores in Rapid City, but can also be ordered online and picked up at the brewery.


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