Have an artistic mind? A job as a preparator might be for you

HILL CITY, S.D. – If you look closely at the displays in the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, you can see the hard work and detail that employees have toiled over to create true-to-life replications of fossilized animals.

Preparators help design and build animal replicas such as dinosaur fossils for the museum.

“We are making molds and casts,” President of the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research Peter Larson said. “And we are also preparing the original bones and eventually will be mounting those bones into skeletons like we are doing here for this Tarbosaurus.”

Dinosaur Skeleton ModelWhile many of their designs can be seen in the Hill City museum, they also contribute specimens outside of the Black Hills region.

Facilities as large as the Smithsonian Museum have called upon the institution to commission pieces.

“Right now we are working on a three-year project — just beginning a three-year project where we are building three sauropods, three long-necked dinosaurs from a quarry out by Devil’s Tower, the Morrison Formation and we are looking for help,” Larson said.

According to Larson, the ideal candidate is someone who is detail-oriented with an artistic mind as the job is very hands-on. Being unafraid to work with three-dimensional models is also a notable recommendation.

Above all, a broad-minded perspective is in need.

“A good mind, open to suggestions, and willing to learn,” Larson said.

Anyone interested in applying can contact Sharon W. at the museum by emailing sharonw@bhigr.com.

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