Have a tasty meal and try a food challenge at Uncle Louie’s Diner

Uncle Louie’s Diner

Uncle Louie’s Diner was started by David “Uncle Louie” Stewart after he moved to Sturgis and noticed the town didn’t have a diner. With his background in the food business, the community convinced him to open up the diner for them right in the downtown area.

“It’s a really good, fun place to come, we try to make it an upbeat place,” said Uncle Louie. “It’s comfort food, so it’s kind of back to where you go back into the 50s, 60s, 70s, where you get that good old mashed potatoes and chicken fried steak with gravy, all that wonderful stuff.”

Check out Uncle Louie’s Diner

Uncle Louies Diner 4Uncle Louie’s Diner has a salad bar, and a full menu from breakfast items to cheeseburgers, pies and cheesecakes.

“What makes us unique is we serve everything on the menu from open to close,” Uncle Louie explained. “So if you came in at seven in the morning or eight in the morning, you wanted a cheeseburger, you get a cheeseburger, you wanted bacon and eggs at night, you can get bacon and eggs at night.”

Uncle Louie also has a diner in Spearfish and Sundance.

Uncle Louie’s Challenge

One major staple of Uncle Louie’s Diner is Uncle Louie’s Challenge, a challenge that nobody has been able to complete.

“It’s almost seven pounds of food,” said Uncle Louie. “It’s six of our hamburger patties, so that’s three pounds of meat. And then you’ve got your buns, your fries and everything, and you have 30 minutes to try it and try to complete it. And so far, 130 people have tried and 130 people failed.”

And the prize if you win the challenge?

“You get a t-shirt and you have bragging rights.”

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